New Rules Require Equal Insurance Coverage For Mental Ills

Mental Health Will Get Same Co-Pays and Deductibles As Other Treatments

They are also part of most employer-based plans, according to the administration, which estimates that mental-health treatments make up 5 percent of the benefits that plans pay for. Loopholes remain, however. The parity rules do not apply to standard Medicaid plans, the joint federal-state program for poor Americans. If states require Medicaid beneficiaries to enroll in managed-care plans, however, those plans must cover mental-health treatment. A bigger loophole is that the rules do not apply to Medicare , the government-run health care program for the elderly.
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Mental health experts have countered that earlier detection would lower costs in the long term and help people live more productive lives. The new rule is not directly related to the Affordable Care Act, but there is a synergy between the two laws. People with pre-existing mental conditions like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or depression will no longer be denied insurance coverage and under Obamacare, a mental illness diagnosis will no longer trigger a potential loss of coverage, CNN says . Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius called the rule, combined with Obamacare, a historic expansion [that] will help make treatment more affordable and accessible for the mentally ill. Do these numbers show that the shockingly bad Obamacare online health insurance marketplace rollout was even worse than we thought?
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New rule demands parity for mental health coverage

They said the small group and individual plans being made available through health insurance exchanges already reflect the parity requirements. Health insurers said the final rule doesn’t really change the landscape they’ve been operating in since interim rules were released in 2010. Karen Ignagni, president and CEO of American’s Health Insurance Plans, said health plans have long supported the legislation and have worked to implement its requirements in an affordable and effective way for patients. The group said it doesn’t have cost estimates for compliance with the regulation.
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